Conditions of Use

How to use UVT EShop:

  1. On-line - by registering and following the steps described later in this document;
  2. By phone - at +359 2 954 9424 each workday between 10:00 and 17:00 hours;
  3. Off-line - sending your order from here.


  1. How to order?
    How to change shopping cart contents?
    How to place the order?
  2. How to confirm my order and receive details on delivery?
  3. I forgot my password. How to access my account?
  4. How to pay?
  5. Return and replacements of goods

How to order?

To place an order with UVT EShop, first you should be a registered user. The registration is FREE OF CHARGE. Just follow the „Registration” link from the menu in the top-right part of the page and follow the instructions.

If you have already made your choice and are ready to purchase, go the chosen product's page and click "Order". This will take you to the next page of the process. There you can change order items and quantities.

How to change shopping cart contents?

  • To remove an item from the shopping cart, check the square before the product image an click on the buton "Update".
  • If you want to purchase 2 or more of some item, change the number in the “Quantity” box to the desired value and click on “Update”.

    Attention: To be executed and recorded any change in the shopping cart, you should click on "Update". This will reload the page to show the current contents of the cart.

  • Clicking on "Add products" will return you to the shop where you can continue browsing and add more products to your shopping cart.

If you have finished product selection and want to place an order click on "Cart Contents" in the top-right side of the page. This will show the selected items and quantities, selected for ordering. Click on "Checkout" to create an order. This will send you to a page, where you should login or register if you are not registered in UVT EShop yet.

How to place the order?

To place an order you should pass 4 phases (which is simple and quick and is necessary to gather the correct information for your order). The timeline below will show you the phase:

  • Delivery information
  • Payment information
  • Confirmation
  • Finished!

During all phases you will have to click on “Continue” to go to the next phase, until the confirmation phase, where by clicking on “Confirm order” you actually place the order. The last phase shows that the order is created and placed successfully. During the ordering process you can add you comments in the "Add Comments About Your Order" text area. If you do not have any comments, please leave the field empty.

How to confirm my order and receive details on delivery?

When you have created and confirmed the order by clicking on “Confirm order”, an e-mail will be sent to the address given by you at registration time, containing the number and date of the order, as well as its contents. Please, keep this message - it contains important information and is a confirmation that you have created and placed successfully your order.

Upon receipt of your order, we will contact you on the phone to clear the delivery details. Please bear in mind, that order fulfillment can take somewhere between 1 and 4 work days, depending on the courier service and other factors. More information on delivery charges can be found in "Delivery" section.

I forgot my password. How to access my account?

Click on "log yourself in" link in the top of the main page. Sign-in page opens. Here you should follow the "Password forgotten" link in the "Returning customer" area. This way, you will reach a page, where you should enter the e-mail adress of your registration and click on the "Continue" button. A new password will be sent to you, which you can use to sign into your account. As soon as you sign-in you can (and we advice you to) change your password to your liking.

How to pay?

Upon delivery of the good, the total order amount and shipping charge are paid in cash to the courier.
Bank transfer
Order amount is transferred to the bank account of „SC Computer – UVT”. Following the order you will receive an e-mail with our bank information. The order delivery will be started upon receipt of the money at our account. Shipping cost is paid separately to the courier.

Return and replacements of goods

Within 7 days following the receipt of the goods, the customer has the right to return or replace it, upon the following conditions:

  • Preserved original packaging (paragraph 55, chapter 2, volume 5 of ZZPPT)
  • There are no damages on the packaging
  • Shipping costs associated with the return and/or replacement of the good are covered by the customer.

All goods at UVT EShop are new, from official importers and representatives of the manufacturers. Each item has its warranty period indicated. In case of warranty claim, contact the authorized service(s) listed on the warranty card. Warranty does not cover:

  • Goods containing Ex-demo in the name (goods used for office or shop demonstrations up to 1 year), which have 1 (one) year warranty by the company service.
  • Goods containing Refurbished in the name (out of production/discontinued products, factory or authorized service refurbished - with original work resource), which have 1 (one) year warranty by the company service.
  • Goods containing Used in the name (used goods, from first owner, in working order with guaranteed work resource), which have not less than 6 (six) months warranty by the company service.

In case of fault of goods, covered by warranty and serviced by Sony Professional or „SC Computer – UVT” services, shipment expenses to the service are covered by the customer, while the return shipment cost (within Bulgaria) is covered by the service.


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