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VPS-700 Package B

HD/SD Portable Digital Video Switcher
HVS-500HS "1M/E HANABI Portable"

Video Production System
Package B
8 Inputs, 8 Outputs, 6 keys (including 2 DSK's), 6 Chroma keyers,  6 3D Warp DVEs and Defocus, Frame Synchronized inputs and touchscreen enabled

An event that FOR-A likes to think is as significant as the Big Bang Theory that gave rise to the Milky Way is about to change video switchers for ever and send them into a new orbit. The VPS-700 "GINGA" (the Japanese word for "Galaxy") from FOR-A features completely new work flows, and is bursting with special effects that were not available until now. It paves the way for ground-breaking creativity in LIVE productions and editing suites. Be prepared to have all your ideas about video switchers shattered by the VPS-700!

Multi Layer & Multi DVE
The VPS-700 was developed based on an entirely new concept -- all inputs have independent 2D DVEs (option), making it equivalent to a monstrous 32-channel DVE. Mix/Effect (M/E) transitions are combined by two independent pre-combiners, and two-channel combined outputs can be assigned to the PGM and PST buses. This means that all videos that are input to the switcher can be combined and displayed at one time. This video representation delivers dramatic impact unattainable with previous video switchers.

Maximum of 16 Input / Outputs
All inputs in the VPS-700 include a frame synchronizer (FS) that provides asynchronous input. It also features a freeze frame function using FS memory and still store, can display video captured by M/E as still video for each input, and can display CG images that were created elsewhere. Basic input includes eight SD-SDI channels, and SDI input or analog input are also available as an option. As a digital/analog mixed switcher, the VPS-700 supports expansion up to 16 inputs. Basic output provides a total of eight channels: two PGM channels, PVW, Clean, and four AUX channels. Available options include eight SDI outputs (in four-output units) or four analog outputs (in two-output units for composite). The PVW and Clean output channels can also be used as KEY OUT, and the AUX outputs including the additional outputs can be freely assigned for enabling output of the required video from a selected terminal.

M/E Bus
The M/E bus can handle switching of 16 inputs (optional configuration), 4 matte generators, 2 still stores, 2 pre-combiners, and black for a total of 25 inputs. Transitions can be selected from cut, mix, wipe, and DVEs. More than 100 wipe patterns, including swirl and other distinctive patterns, are available that enable wipe borders and positioning adjustment.

Wide Range of Still Stores
All inputs can be frozen using FS memory. The frozen images at M/E bus can also be saved built-in-storage and can be assigned using two cross-points independent from other inputs.
Proc Amp / Clip Function
A process amplifier and white clip function are provided for each input as standard. This enables level and other adjustments within the switcher without the need for peripherals.

6 Keyers
6 keyers are available in the standard configuration, and 4 keyers can select from cut, mix, wipe, and DVE transitions. The 2 DSKs enable cut and mix transitions. All keyers incorporate chroma keys using the 4:4:4 process and can perform masking with wipe patterns, edge and shadow effects, and key channel effects with assigned DVEs.

Compact Main Unit
The main unit incorporates up to 16 inputs and 16 outputs, FS function, still store, Proc Amp, clip function, DVEs, keyers, and a wide array of other functions in a compact EIA 2RU size. A special main unit with a built-in redundant power supply is also available with all these functions incorporated into an EIA 3RU body size.

Compact and Instinctively Comprehensible Control Panel
The compact and easy-to-use control panel of the VPS-700 has basic PGM/PST rows and fader levels, 3-axis joystick, parameter display, and optional touch panel controller. Despite these numerous ground-breaking functions, the VPS-700 will not overwhelm you with complicated operations.
6-channel 3D DVEs
In addition to the DVEs provided for each input channel, the VPS-700 also provides 6-channel 2.5D DVEs. The addition of a 3D warp module option enables usage of Ripple, Swirl, Slats, Page Turn and a wide variety of other warp effects and a total of 12 lighting effects. The result when combined with the input DVEs will even surpass your imagination

A Low Cost, High Performance, Custom-Built Switcher
Why pay for more than you really need? Every single HVS-500HS is custom-built to fit the customer's exact needs. No more extra cost for functions you'll never use and no more wasted I/O's. Take advantage of FOR-A's proven broadcast technology in a low-cost, fully-customizable, and portable One Box System.  
Simple & Compact, but Powerful
The HVS-500HS is an HD/SD-compatible, yet portable switcher that combines the easy operation and powerful features that FOR-A's HANABI series is famous for. The compact case houses a wide array of functions to give you unrivaled mobility.

Selectable Inputs and Outputs
Both digital and analog input and output boards are available for users to freely create their own combinations to match their needs. 21 different configurations with several hundred variations of signal I/O formats are possible. The HVS-500HS enables you to find the optimal I/O configuration for your particular operating environment.
<Maximum I/O configuration>
-8 HD/SD SDI Inputs
4 Analog Inputs
5 HD/SD SDI Outputs
2 Analog Outputs
Max. 12 Inputs, 7 Outputs
*See the table (Slot Configuration) in the next page for more details.

One Box System
The HVS-500HS uses an integrated main unit and operation unit to provide HANABI's trademark compact body and enhanced mobility design for enabling superior portability and usage in any possible operating environment.

DSK with Chroma Key Function
The HVS-500HS includes one DSK channel with a chroma key function as standard features.

Freely-Assignable DSK
DSK can be assigned to either PGM, AUX 1, 2, or 3.

Two Still Stores
The basic input provides two still stores. USB memory is supported for importing images created on a workstation or exporting still stores.

HD/SD Switchable
HVS-500HS is switchable between HD or SD formats by simply reinitializing the mode setup. It supports various HD formats such as 1080/60i and 720/60p and SD formats.
Supported formats;
HD formats: 1080/60i, 59.94i, 50i, 24p, 23.98p, 24PsF, 23.98PsF, 720/60p, 59.94p, 720/50p
SD formats: 525/60, 625/50

Wide Array of Effects
In addition to the regular MIX transitions, NAM, FAM, and WIPE transitions are available. The HVS-500HS has 100 different preset wipe patterns.

Process Control
Both input and offset levels can be independently adjusted, enabling easy color correction and color matching on-site when using multiple cameras.

Gradation Matte
A vertical, horizontal, or diagonal gradation matte can be installed for assigning to backgrounds, wipe borders, and keyer mattes.

Fully-customizable Configuration
With the HVS-500HS, you can go beyond the standard configuration with customized inputs and outputs and a diverse array of other available options. Since you only add the required functions to match your operating environment or system, you can use different function combinations to transform the HVS-500HS into a switcher with performance optimized for your application.

Selectable Inputs and Outputs
♦HVS-50HSDI: HD/SD-SDI Input Card
Install up to 8 HD/SD-SDI inputs. (4 inputs/card)
Maximum two cards can be installed.
♦HVS-50HSAI: HD/SD Analog Input Card
Choose your analog input format from the following card configurations. Maximum two cards can be installed.
- Component (HD/SD) x 2
- Component (SD) x 1 and Composite (SD) x 1
- DVI-A (RGB)* x 1 and Component (HD/SD) x 1
- DVI-A (RGB)* x 1 and Composite (SD) x 1
- Composite (SD) x 2
*The HVS-50FS or HVS-50AIF is required for configuring analog inputs.
*The HVS-50FS or HVS-50AIF with HVS-50UC is required for configuring DVI inputs.
♦HVS-50HSDO: HD/SD-SDI Output Card
5 HD/SD-SDI outputs. (PGM x 2, AUX x 3)
Maximum one card can be installed.
♦HVS-50HSAO: HD/SD Analog Output Card
Choose your analog output format from the following card configurations. Maximum one card can be installed.
- Component (HD/SD) x 2 and DVI-I (RGB)* x 1
- Component (SD) x 1, Composite (SD) x 1 and DVI-I (RGB)* x 1
- Composite (SD) x 2 and DVI-I (RGB)* x 1
♦HVS-50HSAOA: HD/SD Analog Output Card
hoose your analog output format from the following card configurations. Maximum one card can be installed.
- Component (HD/SD) x 2
- Component (SD) x 1, Composite (SD) x 1
- Composite (SD) x 2

*DVI-I (RGB) signal is supported below:
HD mode: up to SXGA (1280 x 1024 pixel)
SD mode: up to SVGA (800 x 600 pixel)
HD mode: SXGA (1280 x 1024 pixel)
SD mode: VGA (640 x 480 pixel)
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